Mobirise Website Builder is a WooCommerce plugin designed to assist business owners in expanding their sales channels through instant WhatsApp bot communication. With, business owners can start selling on WhatsApp today. The platform is powered by AI chatGPT from OpenAI and a rule-based system, allowing customers to easily interact, inquire about products, and make purchases on WhatsApp Messenger automatically.

The platform handles customer inquiries and order processing through the bot, providing a seamless and automated experience. acts as a comprehensive solution, enabling businesses to leverage the power of AI and rule-based interactions to enhance customer engagement and streamline the sales process on the WhatsApp platform.

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Mobirise Website Builder

Let`s see how it works!

How it works ? is a WooCommerce plugin designed to provide a means for selling products through a WhatsApp bot.

The WhatsApp bot is designed as a hybrid, combining rule-based keyword functionality with Natural Language Processing (NLP). The NLP aspect utilizes ChatGPT 3.5/4.0 as a bridge to WhatsApp, using the WA gateway API from Fonnte.

If you have an online store on the WooCommerce platform, is highly suitable for expanding your sales channels through WhatsApp.

Here's how it works, illustrated in this scheme.

Our Features

WooCommerce Integration

Connect your WooCommerce store to effortlessly.
Avoid the hassle of manually adding products; our plugins streamline the integration process.

Advanced WhatsApp Bot

Leverage our advanced WhatsApp bot, powered by ChatGPT from OpenAI.
Rule-based keyword features enable customers to place orders, view catalogs, cancel orders, change quantities, search for specific products, and more – all within the WhatsApp platform.

Smooth Product Integration

Enjoy a neat and smooth integration of your product catalog on WhatsApp.
Open up a new sales channel through WhatsApp, reaching customers directly.

Mobirise Website Builder

About is the brainchild of Kukuh T Wicaksono, a seasoned individual with over a decade of experience in the field of software apps development. With a strong background in crafting innovative solutions, Kukuh has dedicated himself to creating a unique web app that addresses the evolving needs of businesses.

As a product of Kukuh T Wicaksono's expertise, stands as a testament to his dedication to creating practical, user-friendly solutions for businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of e-commerce and communication.

For inquiries or further information, you can reach out to Kukuh T Wicaksono via email or visit his LinkedIn profile.

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Mobirise Website Builder
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Mobirise Website Builder
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Our Pricing Plan

Free Trial (14 days)


Per month

  • 5 daily orders
  • 15 products
  • ChatGPT OpenAI Integration
    You need have own ChatGPT openAI and own Price is excluded


Per month

  • 20 daily orders
  • 30 products
  • ChatGPT openAI Integration

  • You need have own ChatGPT openAI and own Price is excluded
    Basic Package
    send your username at


Per month

  • 50 daily orders
  • 60 products
  • ChatGPT openAI Integration

  • You need have own ChatGPT openAI and own Price is excluded
    Medium Package
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Per month

  • 75 daily orders
  • 80 products
  • ChatGPT openAI Integration

  • You need have own ChatGPT openAI and own Price is excluded
    Master Package
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View in Action

Unlock Sales 24/7 with's WhatsApp Automation.

Check how works

Professional Team

Mobirise Website Builder
Kukuh TW

an accomplished business leader, serves as the CEO with a wealth of experience in strategic planning and execution.  Under his guidance, the company has achieved not yet growth, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Mobirise Website Builder
Kukuh TW
Technical Director

our Technical Director, brings a wealth of technical expertise and leadership to the team. With a background in software engineering, he plays a pivotal role in driving technological advancements and ensuring the highest standards in product developmen

Mobirise Website Builder
Kukuh TW
Business Dev Manager

As the Business Development Manager, Kukuh TW spearheads our expansion initiatives and client relationships. Kukuh's dynamic approach and market insights have played a crucial role in establishing and nurturing partnerships that drive the company's success..

Mobirise Website Builder
Kukuh TW
Lead Architect

our Lead Architect, is the visionary behind the technical architecture of our products. His innovative designs and commitment to excellence ensure that our solutions are not only robust but also scalable, meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is ? is a WooCommerce plugin designed to assist business owners in selling through WhatsApp bots. Powered by AI GPT from OpenAI and a combination of rule-based models, it creates an enjoyable new experience for your customers.
  • Can I customize content for my WhatsApp bot on
    Certainly! With, business owners have the flexibility to infuse their WhatsApp bot with tailored content, offering a personalized touch to customer interactions. This customization extends to various aspects of the business, allowing owners to embed knowledge about their store, products, physical location, operating hours, website details, shipping costs, and all other pertinent information.
  • Can I pay in Rupiah? 
    yes, contact whatsapp kukuhtw at for payments in rupiah.
  • What is required to obtain this WhatsApp bot?
    Business owners need to prepare the following to acquire this WhatsApp bot. Business owners should independently secure access to the OpenAI GPT API and access to the WA gateway API from Payments for the OpenAI GPT API subscription and Fonnte's WA gateway services should be made directly to each respective provider.
  • Do I need to have an online store using WooCommerce? ? Absolutely. WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for opening an online store. The items you sell on the WooCommerce platform can be seamlessly integrated with our platform on, so you don't need to re-entry all the products you have..

Should I use this ?

In the fast-paced world of modern business, the significance of having an intelligent WhatsApp bot that caters to your customers 24/7 cannot be overstated. This dynamic tool transcends traditional customer service boundaries, offering a myriad of benefits that elevate your business to new heights.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:
An intelligent WhatsApp bot serves as a round-the-clock virtual assistant, ensuring that your customers receive immediate responses to inquiries. This heightened responsiveness fosters a deeper level of customer engagement, demonstrating a commitment to exceptional service.

Seamless Communication:
With the ability to provide instant answers and assistance, a smart WhatsApp bot facilitates seamless communication between your business and customers. Whether it's handling frequently asked questions or guiding users through the purchasing process, the bot ensures a smooth and efficient interaction.

Global Accessibility:
In a globalized marketplace, time zones often pose a challenge for businesses aiming to cater to a diverse clientele. A 24/7 WhatsApp bot transcends geographical constraints, offering accessibility to customers worldwide at any hour. This flexibility strengthens your business's global presence and appeal.

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